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About Our Team

Established in 1998, FIRST® Team 79 Krunch is an award-winning competitive robotics team comprised of high school-aged students, professional mentors, and adult volunteers within our community. Student team members are engaged in a fast-paced learning process of designing, building, and programming a robot that is capable of performing specific tasks during competitive events on a playing field developed by FIRST®.

Team members currently meet every Wednesday at 5:30pm at the East Lake Community Library and up to six days per week during build season. Our seasons run as follows:


PRE-SEASON – August through December

  • Organize the team’s returning members and teach new members the skills necessary to participate in upcoming competitions

  • Sub-teams are formed with different specialties, and basic skill sets are taught by seasoned students and engineering mentors

BUILD SEASON – January through March

  • Begins in January at the Kickoff event, where the FIRST® organization announces the new season’s game challenge to thousands of teams throughout the world

  • Team members design and build a robot capable of performing the tasks within the specific FIRST® game challenge

COMPETITION SEASON – March through April

  • Our team traditionally competes in two FIRST® regional competitions

  • If the team qualifies during one of the two regional events, they go on to compete in the FIRST® Championship event

POST SEASON – May through August

  • Focuses on new student recruitment, robot demonstrations, community outreach, and fundraising events

FIRST Team 79 Krunch Demo
FIRST Team 79 Krunch at Orlando Regio
FIRST Team 79 Krunch at Orlando Regio
FIRST Team 79 Krunch
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