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Why Join Us?

Why Join Us?

Joining FIRST® Team Krunch 79 (a.k.a. “The Interact Club of Krunch Robotics”) offers the unique benefit of being part of both a FIRST® FRC Robotics Team and a Rotary Interact Club!

Benefits of FIRST®

Cultivating an interest in STEM-related fields has a positive lifestyle impact on students. Involvement with FIRST® exposes students to an environment where they learn skills to improve their chances of pursuing a college education and securing a high-paying job for a successful future. It also helps steer students clear of negative activities that may prevent them from reaching their full potential. Having qualified engineering mentors as positive role models allows students to master the skills required for success in the workplace.

Here are just a few advantages of being part of FIRST®:

  • Under the mentorship of local engineering professionals and returning alumni volunteers, student team members learn problem-solving, critical thinking, and technical skills in a collaborative work environment. These extremely motivated students work in sub-teams of Mechanical, Electrical and Software Engineering.

  • Skills are acquired in public speaking, communications, business writing, marketing, networking, leadership, and problem solving, which makes the students more attractive candidates for careers in STEM fields.

  • Most of FIRST® Team 79 Krunch team members continue onto college with over 90% pursuing a STEM career.

  • Local businesses also benefit from this program as they are able to hire employees who already have the necessary skills, experience, and education needed to perform their jobs successfully.

  • Over 100 million dollars of scholarships available.

  • Opportunities to earn volunteer hours and support causes you are passionate about.


Benefits of Interact

Interact is an international organization of service, part of Rotary International, which fosters leadership and responsible citizenship, and promotes international understanding and peace. The name “Interact” was created by combining the words “international” and “action.” One of the best things about Interact is that it connects young leaders with Rotary’s global community, enabling them to build relationships, learn about other cultures, and exchange ideas with peers worldwide.

Here are just a few advantages of being part of Interact:

  • Gain Valuable Life Skills – Leadership, Self-Development, Time Management, Personal Finances, and more.

  • Learn the Importance of Community Service

  • Discover New Cultures and International Understanding

  • Build Your Network – Make New Friends and Connect With Leaders in Your Community and Around the World

  • Scholarship Opportunities

FIRST Team 79 Krunch Demo
FIRST Team 79 Krunch at Orlando Regio
FIRST Team 79 Krunch at Orlando Regio
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