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For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology

FIRST Robotics Competition

FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is a non-profit organization founded in 1989 by inventor and entrepreneur Dean Kamen, who had an imperative, single focus "to excite more young people about the fun, accessibility, and importance of science and technology." FIRST® Robotics Competition (FRC) is an annual competition that brings professionals and young people together in teams to solve an engineering design problem in an intense and competitive environment. These exciting nationwide competitions are high-tech spectator sporting events, the result of a great deal of focused brainstorming, real-world teamwork, dedicated mentoring, project timelines, constraints, and deadlines. Their aim is to show students that not only do technological fields hold a variety of opportunities for success and are accessible and rewarding, but also that the basic concepts of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), and invention are exciting and interesting.  FIRST® Team 79 Krunch has participated in their annual competitions since its inception. For more information about FIRST®, please visit their website at

FIRST Tech Challenge
FIRST Lego League
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